just a Sunday run

It was a short Sunday run, beautiful but not blog worthy, thought I, and let it pass undocumented into time like a passing smile. But.. a smile kept returning to my face every time my mind revisited that day. With that in mind, I decided to toss it up in the cyber winds to see if it’s smile inducing quality is personal or universal. So without further adieu…

Rolling hills and green pastures. Stoney streams and tree shaded lanes. None of this was new, I had ridden this way before, it was one of my favorite rides just blocks from my suburban cage. Yet today was different, today the air clearer, the sun more golden and the animals… That was truly it, nature’s wildlife was in abundance on this ride. I saw cows, horses running with their foals, large flocks of wild turkeys and a blue heron standing in a silvery stream, and then, just then, as I rounded a corner, my eyes fell upon the icing on the wildlife cake… Donkeys having sex. Yep, right there in broad daylight straight in front of my widened eyes was two donkeys ” gettin their donkey on”! The Adolescent in me rushed from it’s dormant state and surfaced with violent laughter. Thank god for good helmet ventilation removing the tears from my eyes and enabling me to keep control of the bike and share my little trip with you.

(no, there are no photographs with this post)

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