West, just because.

West to see what I could see and to enjoy some time alone.

After a pleasant blur of green landscape hwy 100 brought me to the town square of Centerville where I found something unexpected. Despite the crafts fair going on in the town’s square, I intended to keep riding through. Then my eye found the sign that read “Wild Duck Soup Emporium'”, well, ya gotta stop for something like that! Art, tofu, green tea, plays, farm fresh eggs, artisan crafts, mind expanding books, bands upstairs and good conversation.

wild duck soup emporium

The owner Wild Duck turned me on to my next distraction, The Grinder’s Switch Winery. After a short ride from town, through some nice scenery, I sipped samples and laughed with the owner and made plans to return someday for Blues night.

Had a six year old waitress (helping her mom) take my catfish order in Lindin Tn, then it was off to camp at the wonderful river side Mousetail Landing Park.

As the sunset over the river I settled into drinks and conversation with my neighboring campers. After a few drinks we talked about music and looked at iphone photos of their wedding. Two very charming ladies, I wish them well.

Sunrise, pack the bike, ran a road that had my last name, received a smile and a salute from a Quaker boy on a bike that made me smile for quite a while. Who knew the corruption of youth can be such a fulfilling thing. Fueled up and chatted with a fellow motorcycle traveler. 2000 miles in 4 days. Sounds too much like work! He was riding from CO to FL to see his kids then ride up the East Coast. I wished him a safe journey then rode to the Natchez Trace to head back to Nashville. I stopped along the Trace to hike a waterfall; nap on a stone wall and slowly make my way home.

A Few handy Links

Wild Duck Soup Emporium

The Grinder’s Switch Winery

Mousetail Landing Park

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