A Road Less Graveled

I have been steeped in the deep fried goodness that is rural America. Dirt roads, back roads and bluegrass will show me the way!

I gleefully close the door on a sea of restless winter energy as I remove the cover to see at long last my KLR, Ginger, still bright eyed and ready to dance. Let the games begin!

My goal today was to find a corner store on the brink of no where that was establish in the 1920’s and has rang with laughter and bluegrass ever since. Or at least that’s what the three year old motorcycle newsgroup post said. Time and travel will tell the tale.

I followed the highway through ever decreasing populations until I made my turn onto the dirt road. A corrugated carpet of brown bliss that rolls by farms, creeks and livestock. Demanding attention at times with large rocks, loose gravel and stream crossings that soaked my kevlar jeans. The road is as changing as it is rewarding. In short, it was great!

All good things must end, the same is true as untamed dirt turns to civilized street and the GPS tells me to look left and behold the target of my tremulous trip. Beautiful. A forgotten oasis of commerce in plethora of pasture. A country store. A shadow of its former self but still standing proud and still an asset to its community. And not open. (sigh)

Situated on a strange corner with streams converging from different angles, rock cliffs, peaceful fields and old growth trees it seemed like a place time forgot. I jump off the bike, drink in the quiet and look. Turn. Look. Turn again. And look, and some where inside I let go. I unwind. I embrace the peace, the timelessness, the calm.

Welcome spring. I needed this.

On my way back to town I spy some bluegrass pickers by the side of the road. They are selling potted plants and VHS copies of films I have long forgotten. They inform me that the bluegrass has migrated to a new store further north.

Perhaps next weekend.

Store location: Located at 6688 Hassell’s Creek Rd., Lyles, TN

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