Natchez Trace State Park Trip

Highway 70 west from Nashville is a dreary drive incrusted in a thick layer of dull. Now I’m sure there are quite a few fine people and places along this stretch of Tennessee tarmac but I found it lacking in the scenery, kitch and curves I crave.

When I crossed the bridge into Camden I was greeted with outstanding Bar-B-Q and a new found hope. I proceeded south gliding along Divider Natchez Trace Road, a winding, shady forrest road without a car in sight. Things were lookin up. A small snake coiled to strike as I passed, I took this as more of a greeting than a threat. ( cue Disney music and singing wildlife )

I arrived at The Natchez Trace State Park campground 1, site 22, which would be my home for the night.

I took off my gear and setup camp.

I hung my Hammock

And bug net

Opened a cold Monkeynaut IPA

Grabbed a few good books

And eased into the hammock to unwind.

I took a short walk before dinner to see a little more of what the park had to offer

I then returned to camp

Ate dinner and drank in the view

After dinner I enjoyed a fine Fascist Pig Ale, watched the sunset, and returned to the safety of my bug net for the night.

This was my first trip with my ENO bug net and I have to say I’m very happy with it ( full review later) that said, mosquito nets are great when they are all on the outside. When one gets in it suddenly becomes The Thunderdome! Two species enter, one leaves. It was a short and decisive battle. I’m a stronger man having lived through it.

I awoke to mist on the water, a fine way to start the day.

I made breakfast, and yes, that’s my awesome tiki plate.

I packed up the bike an got wonderfully lost. I wasn’t able to capture images of some of the best roads ( I didn’t want to stop) but here are a few I wandered down.

Stumbled across a Cajun joint with funky lighting, craft beer and gumbo. Some days the road smiles on ya 🙂

I returned to Nashville and was greeted by the warm smile of my girlfriend. We were blessed with an evening of snacks, drinks, and laughs with friends. Some times the world is all right.

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