Review Dowco Fastrax Tank Bag

The Dowco Fastrax tank bag is part of a full line of luggage produced by Dowco with the sport or adventure rider in mind. The bag is loaded with features popular with riders like a hydration pack, clear electronics area and plenty of storage space for gloves, gadgets and gizmos. Naturally I was drawn in like a moth to flame, but lets see if it’s all show or built for the task. Sadly I’ve been lured in by shiny objects in the past only to find they were all glitz and no guts.

First Impressions
The first thing that struck me about this bag was it’s sturdy feel. I’ve handled quite a few bags during my search and several feel more like a converted school backpack than rugged motorcycle equipment. Built with heavy duty 1680 denier polyester that closes with waterproof lockable zippers, the Fastrax seemed made for the long haul.

Road Test
My Kawasaki KLR 650 doesn’t have much in the way of tank real estate but the tank magnets easily found a good place to grip and keep the bag firmly secured to the bike.

I filled the hydration bag, slid my iPhone in the clear plastic top pocket (through which you can still use the phone’s touch screen), hit play and was on my way. The bag stayed firmly in place at high speeds and on winding roads. When I reached a Bar-B-Q joint in the back side of nowhere I pulled off the bag, folded the magnet flaps, pulled out the padded backpack strap and walked in, secure in the knowledge that all my electronic gadgets and valuables were with me and safe from shifty eyed bandits and thieves. I could have used the security cables to lock the bag to the bike if I didn’t feel like carrying it with me, but the transition from tank bag to backpack was so fast and easy it I didn’t think twice about it. Luckily I was blessed with good weather but it was good to know that the bag has an easy to access rain cover stashed in a small pocket on the outside that can be unzipped and pulled out before the heavy stuff has a chance to fall. Another handy feature I found, that was not listed among it’s features on the website, was a clip-in key ring to keep your house keys safe as well as easy to access.

Final Thought
At the end of my short two day trip I was very pleased with the luxury of having a hydration bag and my iPhone music at my fingertips. Paired with ample storage and solid construction I can see this bag being a valuable asset for many trips to come.

Raw info:
14″x9.5″x6″ expandable to 14″x9.5″x10″
Magnet and strap mount included.
No-slip, scratch resistant, padded base.
Clear electrics storage area with audio and powder ports for iPhone, iPod or GPS.
Waterproof lockable zippers
Security cables
Removable full sized map panel.
Hydration bladder storage and access port (bladder not included)
Lifetime warranty

Update: This bag was recently Taco Tested ( soon to be a national standard ) a color insert for the Dowco Fastrax Tank Bag was given to a Boxer / Boston Terrior Mix puppy (Taco) for a thorough abrasion and punchure test and I’m glad to report it came through this horrific ordeal just fine.

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  1. Taco tested!

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