Small, Lightweight Bag

The checkout clerk at the hardware store asked me where I got my bag. He was fascinated by it and wanted to buy one for his Uncle for Christmas ( yep, the cool motorcycle riding Uncle) So I guess it’s time I review this handy little bag.

It’s a full sized day pack that packs down to the size of a kiwi ( think fruit not small flightless bird ) it’s 2.5 oz of tough lightweight material that can easily be stuffed into the inside pocket of your riding jacket.

Despite its tiny pack size, once unfolded, it can hold a surprising amount of stuff! It holds 5.28 gallons ( or 20 Liters for you foreign folks )

In the photo below you can see a few of the items I picked up at the hardware store. There was still quite a bit of room to add more. Note: the little blue thing is the bag all packed up and placed by the items for an easy size comparison.

( yep, guess what I’m doing this weekend )

Its so small and light I just leave it in my jacket, honestly I forget it’s there, until I need to pick something up on the way home from a ride and I’m glad
to have it at the ready. I just unfold it, fill it, toss it on my back and away I go!

It’s made by the fine folks at Sea to Summit who make a host of great things for the great outdoors.

More info you can visit Sea to Summit’s site

Or you can get one for $32.95 from the fine granola munchers at REI

Very handy! ( and you can impress check out clerks!)

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