5 Dual-Use Foods for Motorcycle Camping Trips – Carry less, eat well.

Aaah the road. One of my favorite parts of a motorcycle trip is stumbling into a little out of the way mom and pop shop and discovering culinary bliss handed to you via a beehives burnout tracked with tats and tales of woe that would make Tom Waits weep in his warm beer. But when you shed your gear, crack a beer and collapse on a camp site, it’s up to you to satisfy your hunger. Sadly the limitations of motorcycle travel negates ones ability to summon up a soufflé or throw out a tasty turducken, so simple, light and easy will suffice.

My rule is food items must be able to work for more than just one meal.
Example: summer sausage and herbed cheese can be eaten with flat Bread and red wine for dinner

and then sliced and added to a boil in bag omelette in the morning.

Here are a few dual use tips I have picked up during my trips:

1. Pack a frozen carton of egg beaters to keep your beer cold for dinner. By morning it will thaw to act as a base for your omelette.

2. Freeze a bag of water to keep items cold until dinner. The next day it will become a bag of ice cold water you can pour into your hydration pack and will provide you with cold water for the next days ride.

3. Breakfast bars can act as a dessert or a mid-day energy snack.

4. Single serving soy or almond chocolate milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated and can be a sweet treat at anytime of day.

Breakfast. Yes you’re hungry, but you also must satisfy that big ass java monkey on your back. There is an endless supply of camping java ideas that can help curb your caffeine craving but I’ve found that my flow through method produces the best coffee with the least amount of hassle. Store a ziplock bag of finely ground coffee, filter, sweetener, and nondairy creamer in a travel coffee mug.

Fold the edges of the filter over the mug, (secure with a rubber band if you have one) fill with ground java,

bring some water to a boil with a fire or a Jetboil, pour, add sweetener and cream to taste and boom! you’re ramped up for a day of riding!

(Note: Jetboil also sells a coffee press accessory I hear is pretty handy)

5. I bring water to a boil for my boil in bag omelette then use that same boiling water for my pour over coffee. This saves time and water)

I really only pack for dinner and breakfast since midday is when the road will lead you to some of the hidden treasures of American cuisine.

Breakfast biscuit. (sigh) I’m working on this, so far I have only been able to produce an inedible disappointment that only resembled a biscuit in its shape. But rest assured I have a biscuit expert giving me tips and I hope to soon be able to share with you an easy way to create a sacred savory southern biscuit that will make you slap your graceful gray haired granny for the ridiculous round rat food she has buttered and besmirched your plate with all these years.

So check back for updates after I consult with the biscuit expert over at Persnickety Biscuit ( believe me if this woman can’t help me, I’m beyond help).

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