Brough Superior the Rebirth of a Legend


Let’s admit it, for the last few years there have been quite a few car manufacturers that have rolled out modern redesigns of classic cars and, to my discerning eye, they all failed to regain the style and edginess of the original car. This happens from time to time in the world of motorcycles as well, so when I heard that there was a redesign of the legendary Brough Superior a part of me died. There is no way they can… Wow! They did it! It’s beautiful, powerful, and worthy of the legendary name. (in my humble opinion)

The Legend

The ability to hit 100 miles an hour was a rare treat in 1920’s and 30’s and an expensive one as will. So only the likes of Lawrence of Arabia (T. E. Lawrence) could afford the “Rolls Royce” of motorcycles. It would, of course, be the undoing of Lawrence, but we will look past that unpleasantry and focus on this legendary machine. Winning endless events, as well as breaking all the speed records of its day, it was a milestone in motorcycle engineering.
The new version boasts an 88-degree liquid-cooled v-twin capable of up to 140 hp. The Brough is still only in the reach of the Lucky few, there is limited production and it will set you back over $65,000. So you’re not getting one, really, go ask your wife, I’ll wait here…… Told ya.

Take a gander at this great video by Jay Leno, a true gear head and a big fan of the Brough Superior. In just over eleven minutes Jay will tell you everything you need to know and take one of his highly collectible 1930 Brough Superior SS100 for a ride – Jay Leno’s Garage

Although I still find the older bike more appealing, this is a beautiful new face of a legend. The Brough Superior site has more detail on the retro modern marvel and includes images like this one that border on pornography.

If that’s not enough, give the 120 page Anniversary book the once over

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