Honda Pipe Dreams?

Why I’m posting? Because I rarely see a new dual sport bike that checks off all the items I am looking for in a motorcycle. Which is good. I have been able to avoid that common rider affliction, called “dagotta haves”. A debilitating disease that empties the wallet and ruins relationships. But this new one by Honda has me starting starting to itch. I’m also tired of the “na, na, na, na, na,” post of Europeans bragging about earlier versions of the bike that have never been sold in the US market. (Yes, it’s petty jealousy. If we haven’t met, hi I’m Michael… an insecure and shallow man) . A large part of my excitement is based on the promise by Honda to deliver a 1000 CC twin Dual Sport motorcycle weighing in at 440 lbs (my single cylinder KLR 650 is 432lbs) thats an attention getter! So, on with the post….I have to go lie down, I feel a case of dagotta haves coming on.

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