High Tech Motorcycle Safety Gizmos

(That will make yo mamma happy)

Tell your mom not to worry. The world of motorcycling is now loaded with items like ABS breaks, headlights that look around corners and now Honda is testing a new vehicle to vehicle warning system that will alert the texting minivan drivers that you are about to mar their collection of honor student bumper stickers with your face.

If that’s not enough to make your darling mom happy, how about an internal suspension helmet.

Or if she thinks you’re too uncoordinated to take corners there’s computer assisted ABS that helps get your goofy butt through high speed turns.

There are lots of ways to make the road a safer place. I like the idea of reducing risk while maintaining the fun. ( you’re happy, your mom is happy, win win) Some of these new items aren’t bleeding edge technology, like crash notification services, but just good old fashioned forehead slapping “Why didn’t we think of that before” items. Like a braking light system that indicates when you are gearing down. That helps drivers know you’re slowing down even though you haven’t hit the break yet. Great idea.

So we have covered the bike and its handling, let’s sooth your mother’s gray and troubled brow with more protection for her precious little angel (that’s you fathead). How about Ducati Wireless Airbag jacket system.

Still not enough? How about a suit that expands to make you a giant ball just before impact. This one troubles me. First of all it’s just silly and second, why do I see my sadistic friends kicking me from the crash sight down the road to the nearest hospital like a motorized game of human polo?

Also in the “um… No!” territory, how about a helmet that gives me the odds on which part of my face is most likely to eat pavement. (No thanks.)

Or, If you’re feeling a bit in the James Bond mood, take a look at Honda’s patent application for a motorcycle ejector seat with lap belt. Personally the thought of this “safety feature” terrifies me!

All in all two-wheeled travel is safer and more mother-approved than ever.

Okay, enough about safety. Get your mother out of the room and take a gander at THIS! A Vespa (wait for it….) with a Cannon!!!


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One thought on “High Tech Motorcycle Safety Gizmos

  1. I just hope our brakes don’t break!
    (Just bought my first ABS bike BECAUSE it had ABS.

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