Ginger Needs a New Pair of Shoes

 The ball is over, I’ve danced Ginger from curve to graceful curve and now the ruby slippers are worn and need a replacement. (FYI I call my Red KLR 650 Ginger)
 So what to buy.
 Step 1. Consult the enlightened ones on the online forums.
 Step 2. Conclude they are all full of shit and start your own research. Step 3. Find that a small pocket of well traveled forum folks could be on to something.
 Step 4. Realize that you are a cheap bastard and that if you spend just a little more on a tire it will last thousands of miles more. Yep, thousands! Over twice the miles you put on your now bald-as-baloney stock tire. Sold!
 Bonus, all reports say this tire works equally well on Tarmac as it does on turbulent trash.

So the skinny. I chose Mefo Explorers. And it’s not just because I like saying “Mefo”. Example “Them there tires go like a Mefo!” Despite the silly name, this is a serious tire. Reports from the field say you will get 7 to 10 thousand miles while confidently taking on taking on a variety of terrain. From rain soaked corners to the dirt, gravel and mud you will need to traverse to get to that corner of “where the hell am I?” and “oh this is nice!” you love to find.
 So that’s the hype mixed with a heavy dose of I gotta have. I’ll slap ’em on the bike, add some miles and give you an on the ground, round town, outward bound lowdown. (Sorry, I got a tad carried away)
 More Mefo info
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2 thoughts on “Ginger Needs a New Pair of Shoes

  1. Thanks for this.
    I just purchased a Super Tenere, fully realizing I’ve bought a dirt bike that’s capable of going on fire trails and hole-potted gravel roads. But…
    I still want a set of tires on the machine that will best allow me to use the bike “offroad” to it’s maximum ability, (which will still probably be more than I’m able to navigate).
    I like the way the tread pattern looks on these tires. I’m lookin’ forward to your updates on performance.

  2. What I actually MEANT to say…
    A “ROAD BIKE” capable of going on fire trails…

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