Motorcycle Wake Up Call

The long wait is over. The sun hangs high and bright in the southern sky so it’s time to wake the bike and hit the road…. Or not

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THIS is How You Reveal a Legend

– Caked in Mud!!

The fine folks over at ADV Pulse were there for the revealing of the New Honda Africa Twin!!

Well… almost a reveal, we are still in prototype mode.

Read more from our gear head friends over at ADV Pulse

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5 Reasons to Go Motorcycle Camping this Weekend

1. The Beautiful Winding Roads.
 If you read my blog, yes both of you, you have heard me wax poetic about the meditative qualities of a remote country road winding its way through a never-ending display of scenic beauty (and the occasional meth lab trailer). So it will come as no surprise when I tell you that roads that lead you to great camping are always a treat.

 2. Road Food
 (Deep breath, here we go!) BBQ, Meat and three, homemade biscuits, pecan pies, hot chicken, mustard greens, cornbread, home grown tomatoes and last but not least the blessed charms of locally brewed beer, all await you on the open road.

3. Camping
 I love the feeling when you have set up your gear, opened a beverage, and begin to feel time slow down. Feel the breeze and look around and just “be” for a while. It’s a decompression that I have to have from time to time in order to keep life’s aggravations at bay and maintain my charming Buddha-like disposition. (No, there is no need to check to see if that’s true. It is. Don’t make me slap you.)
 Quick tip, check online to see if the park has photos of campsites. If not, call and ask a ranger for the best spot. Also, if you’re like me and sleep in a hammock, ask if there are trees on the site you can snooze under.

4. Explore Nature
 Everywhere I’ve stayed I’m surprised by something the park has to offer. A short hike to an overlook or waterfall. A long wooden bridge allowing visitors to walk across a narrow section of lake. Or, as I found on my last trip, a craft and local music festival. I found a bench in the shade where I sipped tea and had a private concert by a great bluegrass band. They were warming up before taking the stage. Whatever it is, you will find them, those little moments that will make you glad you came.

5. Sunrise
 Sure sometimes you sleep through it, but once in a while you look out of your hammock or tent and the sky is on fire. The crisp still air somehow makes you feel more alive. Then you can saddle up for a morning ride in the first golden light of day. Gliding through morning mist while all the cars are still asleep.

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Ginger Needs a New Pair of Shoes

 The ball is over, I’ve danced Ginger from curve to graceful curve and now the ruby slippers are worn and need a replacement. (FYI I call my Red KLR 650 Ginger)
 So what to buy.
 Step 1. Consult the enlightened ones on the online forums.
 Step 2. Conclude they are all full of shit and start your own research. Step 3. Find that a small pocket of well traveled forum folks could be on to something.
 Step 4. Realize that you are a cheap bastard and that if you spend just a little more on a tire it will last thousands of miles more. Yep, thousands! Over twice the miles you put on your now bald-as-baloney stock tire. Sold!
 Bonus, all reports say this tire works equally well on Tarmac as it does on turbulent trash.

So the skinny. I chose Mefo Explorers. And it’s not just because I like saying “Mefo”. Example “Them there tires go like a Mefo!” Despite the silly name, this is a serious tire. Reports from the field say you will get 7 to 10 thousand miles while confidently taking on taking on a variety of terrain. From rain soaked corners to the dirt, gravel and mud you will need to traverse to get to that corner of “where the hell am I?” and “oh this is nice!” you love to find.
 So that’s the hype mixed with a heavy dose of I gotta have. I’ll slap ’em on the bike, add some miles and give you an on the ground, round town, outward bound lowdown. (Sorry, I got a tad carried away)
 More Mefo info
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A Women and her Motorcycle

If you haven’t followed the travels of Alison and her KLR give it a look. This is her Ode to her KLR (Oscar) who she sold in Argentina.

Don’t miss her downloadable PDF listing the price, pros and cons of a wide variety of KLR modifications.

Visit her blog here Alison’s Wanderland

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The waitress at the roadside greasy spoon said her leg was telling her it was going to rain. I smiled and laughed to myself, having previously checked no less than two weather apps on my iPhone.

I was wrong.

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…and miles to go before I sleep

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