Gear and Gizmos

Helmet: Shoei Qwest
The Shoei is a little more expensive than most helmets but my brain is my favorite toy and its hard to look at Gary Busey and not think its worth it.


Review of the Shoei Quest

Jacket: Tour Master Flex II Jacket
The Flex II is versatile, its kind of 3 jackets in 1, with a mesh jacket (hot weather) outer shell layer (rain and cold) thermal liner (why the hell am I riding a motorcycle). It also features protective Armor Link Mesh and CE approved armor in the elbows shoulders and back to protect me from when I’m being stupid. Speaking of stupid, its also red to help me be seen by the blind people in the rolling cages. Not being seen by drivers is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents so I’ll forgo fashion in the name of self preservation. (sigh, guess I’m getting old)


There are still a few of out there at a great price

Overboard waterproof duffel
I can carry everything but my Therm-a-rest mattress which ties nicely on the top. This is a tough big bag at half the cost of anything else sold with motorcycles in mind.

Overboard USA Bags

ENO Double Nest Hammock
No need for a bulky tent when you can sleep in the trees!
It packs down to the size of a softball. You can hang it in a few seconds and it all packs back into a handy attached pocket. You can use the pocket at night to hold your glasses, cell phone, keys, bear rape whistle, etc.


ENO Hammock

River Road –
Crossroads Buckle Boot

These boots feature thick black leather with lots of steal protection for my pretty feet. Also, well look at them! That’s a cool looking boot!

I bought them slightly larger than my standard shoe size so I can wear a thick pair of wool or Smartwool socks. The socks add extra cushion as will as wick moisture to avoid the deadly super stinky ultra funky swamp foot.

I’ve been riding with these boots for over three years and despite my abuse they are holding up just fine. I used a leather treatment intended for saddles on them about a year ago, but other than that it’s been, ride, toss in closet, ride, toss in closet, ( repeat ).

All in all I have to say I’m impressed with the quality and durability. I do get lazy sometimes and wish I didn’t have to do and un- do the buckle but it helps keep the boot secured on my foot if I crash and.. Well. It makes me look like a pirate!

River Road – Crossroads Buckle Boot

Motorcycle Jeans

It’s yo ass, cover it. I’m sorry that was a bit crude, lets try that again. Protect your posterior posthaste! ( better?)
For full on touring a good pair of all weather armored pants is hard to beat, but for weekend wondering kevlar jeans offer more protection than your standard jeans with the added bonus of not looking like the stay puft marshmallow man when you stop for a pint.

There are several good brands out there making reinforced jeans but I did a little digging and found Shift Torque jeans to be comfortable and well made. The jean is 14oz denim and is also kevlar reinforced in seat and knees to provide added protection. The heavier denim and Kevlar will give you great abrasion protection in case of an accident.

For more safety you can wear CE armor to protect your knees, hips and tailbone. Some jeans have armor inserts but these tend to shift on impact due to the looser fit of jeans. Luckily companies like Bohan make great armor that can be worn comfortably under jeans.

You can read short reviews of these and other motorcycle jeans in a head to head comparison review here

“Clothes make the man — naked people have little to no effect on society.” – Mark Twain

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