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What Motorcycle Fits Your Style?


“Maybe I should get a motorcycle”

Those words ring in the wind noise dimmed ears of men and women of the cult of two wheels, immediately causing their fuel soaked brains to race and scan over the wide and varied assortment of motorcycles that would best suit a new rider. A glistening array of 250 CC light and easy to maneuver bikes are always the go to group; however, with some of the larger, yet lighter, bikes on the market today the selection quickly grows.

Now there are those, like our friend James, who dove in the deep end and started with a Mac truck on two wheels. He selected a chrome moose with over a thousand CCs for his first bike, but James is a mutant. Love him, but that is not the path recommended for sane folks.

So for a lady rider what are we looking for? Well, the same things as a male rider (you sexist pig!). Lightweight, easy riding, good looking and, since some of the lady folks aren’t as tall, seat height. I have assembled a list of what I think fits the bill, but the bottom line is choosing a motorcycle is a personal decision. Find the bike that speaks to you. Visit a dealer and see what feels good under you and makes your heart race just a little when you look at it. This is your ride, enjoy the adoption process and go find your new two wheeled friend.

Okay, enough of that, on with the list!


Suzuki GW250

403 lbs
30.7 seat

Read more at Motorcycle Daily or Webbike World.

Two nice video reviews
Overdrive and Bike Ride TV

Suzuki Tu250
325 lbs
30 seat

Reviews From Popular Mechanics and Back Road Motorcycling

Duel sport


Honda CRF250L
320 lbs
34.7 seat

Adventure Motorcycle Review


Yamaha XT250

291 lbs
31.9 seat

Top Speed Review

Suzuki DR 200

278 lbs
32 seat

Top Speed Review

Kawasaki KLX250S

32 inch seat
300 lbs

Ultimate Motorcycling Review

CSC Cyclone RX3

Full luggage
359 lbs
31 inch seat

Adventure Motorcycle Review

ADV Pulse Review 

Larger but light


Yamaha SR400

Kick start
384 lbs
32 inch seat
$5,990 Review



ABS brakes
430 lbs
32 inch seat

Top Speed Review


KTM Duke 390
306.4 lbs – dry
31.5 inch seat

Cycle World Review
The Suzuki gz250 and the Honda Rebel are both cruiser style bikes with a more feet forward style. Personally, with my aging back, I prefer a more upright riding position. But to each their own. Both are great bikes and the Rebel was the bike of choice for beginner riding courses for years, so definitely a solid option.

Sport bike
Honda CBR250R and the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R – again two great bikes and favored by beginners. But with sport styling and a head forward feet back style of riding. Not on my list but there is no reason they shouldn’t be on yours.

Also, if you like working on motorcycles, by all means join the growing number of riders fixing up vintage bikes and taking then to the streets! I love the look and feel of these older bikes! But keep in mind they will require a little more TLC to keep you on the road.

Okay that’s the run down of beginner bikes that caught my eye, I hope you found it helpful. I would also suggest taking a beginner safety course. It’s a fun day, you learn a lot and for some courses you will be provided with a bike to learn on. This will give you a chance to get a feel for a motorcycle of that size and power. Also, safety courses in some states will count as the driving portion of your motorcycle drivers test. That makes getting your license easier and you on the road faster!

Last note, check out this great list from Women Rider for da lady folks!

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And so it begins…

I plan to stumble across the landscape via motorcycle and here is where you will find the descriptions and photos of my resulting injuries, illuminations and incarcerations.

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